The season of Lent in our 3 churches

Please make sure that you read and absorb the special LENT FLYER that has all the details you need for Lent to help us all observe this important season.

This year we will follow the STATIONS OF THE CROSS live-streamed from St Brigid’s every Saturday commencing 20 February at 9.30 in place of Mass. We will pause at two or three Stations each week in a reflective way. Most of us “connect” with at least one of the Stations from our own experience of judging, or assisting, or keeping going etc – the great themes of the Stations.

This year we want to bring the Stations alive by listening to one another’s story. One of the organisers Ami Liddington writes: “Lent is fast approaching. We will be running Stations of the Cross every Saturday morning via live-streaming at St Brigid’s. We would love to receive life reflections from as many people as possible, across our 3 Churches. For more information and / or to volunteer a reflection, please contact Ami Liddington on

Fr Matthew

Amazing grace

Dear friends and parishioners,

When we are overfamiliar with something, it risks losing its impact. It’s true of seasons – like Lent so this year let’s ask the Lord to help us all make Lent something real in our lives. Let’s connect its meaning and impact to the Lent we have all been living for the last year, and to the individual Lents many have to experience from time to time. Let’s pledge to get our lives in a bit better order, give the Lord space to get in and fill us with His new life – reconciliation within ourselves and with one another, and, most of all with God – amazing grace!

Lots of people kindly responded to my attempt at singing “Amazing Grace” last Sunday, and many commented on the extra words which are often used nowadays. So here they are, with a link to a video if you want to hear it sung by Chris Tomlin

My chains are gone I’ve been set free
My God, My Saviour has ransomed me
And like a flood his mercy rains
Unending love, amazing grace


Christ the King Bidding Prayers for 1st Sunday in Lent, 2021

We come together as pilgrims at the beginning of our Lenten journey and we ask the Lord to hear our prayers.

Reader;         The response is;                 

Lord, in your mercy

Hear our prayer

We pray for those who are hungry.  May this season of Lent inspire us as individuals, and as a Parish Community, to work with CAFOD and other charities to alleviate hunger and poverty, both here at home and in the rest of the world.   .  . ……….. pause ……………….

Lord, in your mercy– (Hear our prayer)

We pray for children and young people everywhere, especially those who are in care, and young homeless people.. . .. … … … … … … pause …

Lord, in your mercy

We pray for single people who so frequently give so much of themselves to others and to the community.  May their lives be fulfilled … … … … pause …

Lord in your mercy

We pray for those who mourn, especially those in our own parish who have lost loved ones during this year of pandemic and previously.  May they be comforted by a belief in a loving God, and supported in their lives by the community. .. … … … … … … pause …

Lord, in your mercy

And we pray for the scientists sacrificing so much of their lives, to find lasting solutions to the Pandemic.. … … … pause …

Lord in your mercy

Let us spend a few moments in silent prayer – – – –  longer pause – – – – –

We ask Mary the mother of our Lord to join her prayers to ours saying,

            Hail Mary………….

God of love, listen to our petitions and grant them through him who lives in glory with You and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Fr Ray O’Shea

Fr RAY O’SHEA passed away peacefully on Monday after a long illness. He served in our parishes twice – at St Brigid’s as assistant 1966 – 1967 and at Christ the King as parish priest 1994 – 2002. Fr Ray was born in Ely in 1937 where his father was a doctor. He left for Ireland in 1948, where he was ordained priest in 1962. He served as assistant in Port Talbot, Hereford, Penarth and St Brigid’s, then as parish priest in Abertillery, St Cuthbert’s the Docks, Dinas Powys, Bridgend, Aberdare and Christ the King. After heart problems he was next resident at the Cathedral, helping out in various ministries, until he fully retired in 2012. Fr Ray was involved with the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and of St Lazarus, St John’s Ambulance, and especially the Territorial Army where he was chaplain for fourteen years. He is survived by one of his four sisters Clare and by nineteen nieces and nephews.

Fr Matthew