Changes to masses and services in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

“Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth” (Ps 124:8)

In line with the instructions of the Bishops of England and Wales, and of our own Archbishop, the following will apply in our 3 Churches from March 20 until further notice:

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Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches…

We begin the most holy week of the year this Sunday. How holy – but this year how strange! We here at the Presbytery will celebrate the special liturgies in some shape or form in private, and you can follow them through the internet from many places. We will follow Jesus into Jerusalem, up to the room of the Last Supper, out to Gethsemane, and on to Caiaphas, Pilate and Herod. Eventually let us find ourselves high on Calvary hill, watching from a distance our Saviour surrendering his Spirit amid suffering of mind, body and spirit. Our Father in heaven will look down on this world too in its suffering this week. But our joy our faith and hope is in what happened next. That same Father raised His Son at Easter, and at some point He will raise us too when this is over. So, we may all be in our homes, but we are the Church – not the buildings but the real Church, the people. We may be apart but we are really a part! Follow Holy week as best you can, and let’s journey through it to Easter – together!

Fr Matthew

An update from Fr Matthew

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches:

As I write, the Chancellor is speaking of being “shaken” by the present crisis – a good word. How strange it is for Andy and me to celebrate Mass without a congregation! How much some of you are telling me you are missing the Mass… the unique opportunity to be one with Jesus – and with one another. But please remember that our bonds go very deep, of faith, hope and love. The “Communion of Saints” is one of our greatest beliefs, perhaps sometimes forgotten, but very much to the fore at times such as this. Let us be one in spirit, then, in the Lord, and call on our patrons – our personal ones but also St Brigid and St Paul, great intercessors with Christ our King.

With thanks for your prayers and support – and all you do

Fr Matthew

Online masses

There are a number of international resources for viewing the Mass online:

Eternal Word Television Network – broadcasts daily Mass at 12 noon

Shalom World TV – daily mass at 9.00am & 9.00pm

ChurchServicesTV – livestream from churches around the world

Locally within the Diocese the following parishes will be live streaming:

St. Mary’s, Canton – stream is located on their homepage, along with a daily schedule

All Saints Parish, Newport – stream is located on their homepage, along with a daily schedule

Our Lady & St. Illtyd, Llantwit Major – see website for Mass schedule.  Stream will be via Facebook .. click here for stream