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Advent is coming

Advent, the season of preparation for Christmas, starts Sunday 2 December.

Let’s make sure we are “prepared for our preparation” in good time.

* Groups are starting during the week beginning Monday 26 November to follow “Journeying towards Jesus” by Fr Denis McBride CSsR. To join a group contact the leader direct – for Monday afternoon tel. Tess Evans on 2075 5528, for Monday evening email Esther Mahoney, for Wednesday afternoon Sheila Roberts and Thursday afternoon Nigel Tuck. (note contact email addresses are shown in the downloadable newsletter pdf)

* And now, something new for us for Advent – “Reverse Calendars”! Instead of marking out the days by taking out of a calendar more chocolate or sweets to guzzle (as if Christmas wasn’t enough), why not instead put insome food each day into a box or bag that can then be brought along and given to the homeless or hungry. We want to run this between the first and third Sundays of Advent – 2nd and 16th December, in order for the proceeds to be distributed in time. More details in the newsletter.

* We will hold a Reconciliation Service at Christ the King on Monday 3 December at 7pm. Several priests will be present to help your spiritual preparedness.

* This year we will bring Carol Singing out into our 3 communities. You are invited to gather at one or more of our 3 Churches at 7pm on the following days. We will then visit surrounding streets singing carols, not to raise money, but purely to help to bring the Christian message of Christmas peace and joy into our neighbourhoods.
On Sunday 9 December we will be at Christ the King, Wednesday 12 December at St Paul’s and Sunday 16 December at St Brigid’s. Come to any or all, whatever is possible for you!

* Closer to Christmas itself we will then have our 3 Churches Carol Service, this year at St Paul’s on Wednesday 19 December. Put this in your diary, and be sure to invite someone along with you – there will be mulled wine and mince pies!

So – plenty to pray, think and do in this lovely season that is fast approaching. How will you mark Advent 2018, and how will our children and grandchildren know it is so important? It’s up to us all…

Fr Matthew

Carol service

Our 3 Churches Carol Service is at Christ the King this Wednesday 20 December at 7pm. Always a beautiful way in to our celebration of Christmas, why not invite friends along, especially if perhaps they would not come to Mass. Refreshments to follow in the Parish Centre.

There will be a run through of the carols on Monday 18 December 7pm at Christ the King. All singers from the 3 Churches are invited to come along.

Towards the manger of love

Welcome to Advent!  Even though it’s only really three weeks long, I really encourage you to make Advent “real” this year. Today is the beginning of a new year for the Church, and so it’s a great opportunity to enrich and deepen our faith, to make our faith new too, in preparation for the Feast of Birth – Christmas.

Why not try to attend a weekday Mass each week – the times are on the back page of this newsletter. Drop in to St brigid’s or St Paul’s, open during daylight.

Take a good look at your life and celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation  In addition to our normal times, again on the back page, we hold a 3 Churches Penitential Service at St Brigid’s Wednesday 13th December at 7.00pm when several priests will be available.   Want something to read to help and inspire you? Get a Walk With Mebooklet of prayers and reflections – available at the back of church.

And this Advent we have something really special – come to a taster afternoon or evening for Do You Love Me?on Monday 11th December at either 2.30pm or 7.00pm in St Brigid’s Hall.  This is going to be the beginning of a major initiative to help all of us in our 3 Churches to grow in our faith, prayer and Christian life. Come and be part of it by having a taste on 11th December, and bring along anyone who needs more in their life…

Later in Advent…

Carol Service   Our 3 Churches Carol Service will be at Christ the King this year on Wednesday 20th December at 7.00pm.  Think about inviting friends to this, if perhaps they would not come to Mass.

Christmas Masses  There will be Mass at the following times

6.00pm    Mass on Christmas Eve, 24th December at all 3 Churches.

10.00pm  Mass on Christmas Eve at St Brigid’s.

Midnight  Mass at St Teilo’s and at St Philip Evans.

Morning  Masses will be at Sunday times: 9.00am at Christ the King and St Paul’s, 11.00am at St Brigid’s.

This is Advent – don’t waste it!

Fr Matthew