Christ the King bidding prayers, Sunday 24 June 2018

Nativity of St John the Baptist 2018

Note to Reader : Please PAUSE as directed and read the response through with the congregation

P.Today we celebrate the birth of St. John the Baptist and remind our selves of the task to which we, like John, are called. So therefore we bring our petitions to our Father knowing that He will support us in our efforts,

R, Our response is “Lord be our rock and stronghold”


  1. We pray for the Church at home and in all corners of the world that it may lead the way in telling God’s Word to the men and womenof His Kingdom and beyond

R……..“Lord be our rock and stronghold”


R.We pray for Deacon Peter Davies who is to be ordained priest next week and ask that the Holy Spirit  may stay close to him throughout his ministry

R……….”Lord be our rock and stronghold”


  1. Our world appears to be in crisis affecting many areas of life. We ask for guidance for all who lead

R……….Lord, be our rock and stronghold


  1. We recall the deceased of our 3 Churches bearing in mind the family of Brian Gowan whose funeral takes place  on Tuesday.

R……….Lord be our rock and stronghold


  1. in the quiet of our hearts let us listen to the voice of our beloved Father


  1. We ask Mary our mother to join us in prayer saying..HAIL MARY…etc
  2. Lord listen to our petitions and grant them through Jesus your Son who lives in glory with You and the Holy Spirit forever