Good Shepherd or Vocations Sunday

Dear parishioners and friends of our 3 Churches:

This Sunday is often called Good Shepherd Sunday because the Gospel for each of the three yearly cycles is on a shepherd theme. We also sometimes call it Vocations Sunday for obvious reasons. We are all in a time when the Church is not physically coming together to celebrate the Mass, yet the Church is no less present, because, of course, we are  that Church, wherever we may be. Some may find we have a little more time on our hands. If so, as we think our thoughts and pray our prayers, perhaps we could reflect on vocation. How am I doing as a member of the flock of Christ. Do I only call on him when I’m stranded or do I try to follow him each and every day, to fresh waters and pastures new? Do I pray for vocations to priestly and religious life. Perhaps some may make that prayer not only for others but for themselves. Young adults – is the Good Shepherd calling you to follow him in these particular ways? Ponder, prayer, reflect and most of all, listen.  

Fr Matthew