This weekend we welcome any new friends or visitors who join us in any of our five Masses in our 3 Churches. We are also celebrating Fr Peter Davies’ ordination and first Mass.

Strange that his ordination to the priesthood should occur in a significant anniversary year for myself (40).

Just as strange is the fact that Peter has requested that the money from our collection for him should go towards buying vestments for his future ministry. When I was ordained in St Brigid’s in 1978, I also received a very smart white chasuble as a gift from what was then just St Brigid’s and St Paul’s. I still wear it on a regular basis.

It’s a few years now since I first met Peter, when the Archbishop suggested I met with him on his journey – first into the Catholic Church, then on into the priesthood. It’s been a very blessed journey for me, and I hope maybe for him too. And all of yourselves, the parishioners of our 3 Churches, have played a big part too.

I have a strong awareness of that vital part of our faith that is its “handing on”. More recently I’ve had an equally strong sense of the ongoing fraternity of the priesthood, journeying, like the Church in general, down through the centuries. Hands on heads, hands on heads, hands on heads – right back to apostolic times.

So, a very warm welcome if you are joining us for the first time. Welcome back if you have been to Mass before. We have a lot to share and have been doing it for a long, long time. Just relax, don’t worry about things you may not understand, simply try to open your heart to God, and let Him surround you with His love. We have a lot to “hand on”. Our prayer is that you may find yourself able to receive.

Fr Matthew

Christ the King bidding prayers, Sunday 24 June 2018

Nativity of St John the Baptist 2018

Note to Reader : Please PAUSE as directed and read the response through with the congregation

P.Today we celebrate the birth of St. John the Baptist and remind our selves of the task to which we, like John, are called. So therefore we bring our petitions to our Father knowing that He will support us in our efforts,

R, Our response is “Lord be our rock and stronghold”


  1. We pray for the Church at home and in all corners of the world that it may lead the way in telling God’s Word to the men and womenof His Kingdom and beyond

R……..“Lord be our rock and stronghold”


R.We pray for Deacon Peter Davies who is to be ordained priest next week and ask that the Holy Spirit  may stay close to him throughout his ministry

R……….”Lord be our rock and stronghold”


  1. Our world appears to be in crisis affecting many areas of life. We ask for guidance for all who lead

R……….Lord, be our rock and stronghold


  1. We recall the deceased of our 3 Churches bearing in mind the family of Brian Gowan whose funeral takes place  on Tuesday.

R……….Lord be our rock and stronghold


  1. in the quiet of our hearts let us listen to the voice of our beloved Father


  1. We ask Mary our mother to join us in prayer saying..HAIL MARY…etc
  2. Lord listen to our petitions and grant them through Jesus your Son who lives in glory with You and the Holy Spirit forever


A wedding, three funerals – and an ordination

Seven days in the life of our 3 Churches

By the time you read this, at 12 noon on Saturday Faye Johnson will have married James Evans at Christ the King. During the week we will celebrate the funerals of Sheila Marks, Tony Woodward and Brian Gowen in St Brigid’s, Christ the King and St Brigid’s respectively. Then on Friday evening Archbishop Stack will ordain Deacon Peter Davies to the priesthood on the Feast of Sts Peter and Paul. Then of course, we celebrate theHoly Eucharist and Reconciliation as usual this and every weekend. And just in case you’re worried about “missing sacraments” we had three Baptisms last Sunday and it’s not long since Confirmation – and I anointedtwo people on Thursday evening.

The sacraments and other liturgies are like jewels, marking out our paths of faith through life, like those lights with which some people line their garden paths or drives. Some are “one offs” like Baptism, Confirmation or Ordination, others are part of our ongoing Catholic journey, like the Eucharist and Reconciliation, while others again mark out our callings in life, like Matrimony and Holy Orders.

In this month of the Sacred Heart, and as we move through this week rich in sacraments and liturgy, let’s ask the Lord to deepen our love for Him. May Jesus enrich our understanding of, and devotion to, the sacraments – His sacraments. They are precious, precious gifts from a loving Saviour.

In particular, let us pray for Peter Davies, to be ordained priest. We remember that with the Word and service, the celebrating of the sacraments will be the very centre of his ministry. From bringing little ones into the family of God at Baptism, through to bringing the not-so-little home through anointing and funerals, via the extraordinary privilege of uttering the words of consecration and absolution, Peter will touch the very heart of our humanity with the love of Jesus. That’s what the sacraments are all about.

Fr Matthew (approx 20,000 Masses and counting)