The temple that we are

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, and with it, this year, the 40th anniversary of the opening of the new church in 1978. We welcome our Archbishop George Stack at 11 o’clock Mass.

The word “church” finds its origin in the medieval Greek kurikon = the Lord’s house, while the Latin ecclesiaFrench eglise, Welsh eglwys etc come from the word for an assembly. So the “real” church is not the building first but the People – us – who then gather in the Lord’s house. Therefore, as we celebrate 40 years of the building, let us also remember and celebrate the people who have come together in the church over those 40 years and several years before in what is now the hall. They have been – we are – the living stones of the living Church.

Here is part of Preface 1 from the Mass for the Dedication of a Church. It is very rich in our understanding of the Church, so please let us in all 3 Churches – one Church! – take some time to read and pray over it slowly as part of our celebrations.

In this visible house that you have let us build
 and where you never cease to show favor
to the family on pilgrimage to you in this place,
 you wonderfully manifest and accomplish
the mystery of your communion with us.

Here you build up for yourself the temple that we are
and cause your Church, spread through the world,
to grow ever more and more as the Lord’s own Body,
till she reaches her fullness in the vision of peace,
the heavenly city of Jerusalem.

And so, with the countless ranks of the blessed,
in the temple of your glory we praise you,
we bless you and proclaim your greatness, as we acclaim...

Fr Matthew