Christ the King bidding prayers, 23 December 2018 (4th Sunday in Advent)

Celebrant:We bring our petitions to you Lord, on the last Sunday of Advent, and ask you to answer our prayers.

Reader:We pray for the leaders of the Church, that they will be inspired by the example of Mary our mother.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Reader:As Christmas is about to dawn, we pray for our own 3 Churches community, that we will be ready to welcome Christ with open hearts.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Reader:As our children and young people start their holidays, let us remember those who teach and lecture to them. We pray that those who are entrusted with the education of our young people may enjoy a refreshing holiday and be willing and able to take up the challenge again in January.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Reader:We pray for those suffering from illness, and those who are too sick to be at home with their families this Christmas. 

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Reader: Let us pray for those who have died, particularly those whose anniversaries occur at this time, that they may be at rest in the peace and joy of God’s heavenly kingdom.

We ask Mary, the Mother of our Saviour, to help us with our prayers as we say Hail Mary…

We pray in silence for our own needs and intentions.

Celebrant : Lord, we pray that you will grant our prayers in the name of Jesus, who brings hope to the world. Amen.